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Food Advice

Food Glorious Food

We have literally scoured the world to bring you tastes and menu sensations to bring your menus alive which will bring new and repeat customers beating a path to your door.


Our Vegetables and Fruit

Are harvested at the peak of the season and then quick frozen to ensure they reach you In prime condition. Our chips are sourced from Farm Frites, Mccains and Wernsing, because we know only the best will do.


Our Fish

With names like Sykes, Braithwaite Seafoods and Youngs to call upon we offer you the Pick of the catch. Caught and frozen in prime condition, they are offered to you in strictly portion-controlled sizes, so you can keep a keen eye on quality and costs.


A Range of Ready Meals

Guaranteed to add style and value to your menus. With famous names like Scheff, Authentic Curry, H Smith Group, Plus Foods, Welsh Authentic Curry Company and Pizza Plus, you can be Sure that the quality is the best that money can buy. If you feel like turning up the heat A little then try our Mexican range (largest range in West Wales) which is guaranteed to be A sure fire winner!


Going out with a Bang

It is often said that your customers will judge your establishment by the last thing they eat. If that fact is true, then leaving your customers with a lasting impression is easy with our Collection of dreamy and delicious desserts and what’s more, with our range of exciting Ice cream desserts from Sub Zero.

With a range that includes simply superb dairy ice creams from Walls, Marshfield Farm,  Carte D’or, Sub Zero and Welsh Plasfarm to luxurious gateaux and premium desserts from Sidoli, Aulds, Chantilly individual and whole desserts we also carry a truly authentic collection of Italian imported desserts from the famous Pasticceria Veneta.


The Bakery

We carry a full range of bakery products from Kara, Fletchers and traditional French Bakery products. Further bakery range includes Delice De France with Baguettes, Bocatta, Pannini, floured/seeded buns, pastries and many many more.


…and not just Frozen

We stock a comprehensive range of sundry lines which cater for the needs of our customers. e.g.  Soups, Sauces and those vital portion packs. We also offer chilled chips, jacket potatoes and best back bacon. Drinks, Purity, Belvoir, Heartise also available to order.

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